Just sketchin’…

Watching some NBA on ESPN and doing a little sketching in Photoshop. Half-time of the Clippers v Jazz…TV sports talking-heads going on about Blake Griffin’s dunk the other day being one of the best in the history of NBA. Uhhh yeah…calm down…it was great dunk but one of the best in the hisory of NBA?! Pssh.

February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012-2

Hillside & Cavernous

Just some random landscape studies. I really needed to do some art for myself. Feels good to just chill out and sketch randomness.

A random composition and value landscape sketch.


Sketch of a cave scene this morning…needed to do something for myself.


Gen13 Interactive Inks


Wildstorm Entertainment
Gen13 Interactive Issue 2 Cover
Pencils: Jason Johnson
Inks: Edwin Rosell


Wildstorm Entertainment
Gen13 Interactive Issue 1 Page 12
Pencils: Jason Johnson
Inks: Edwin Rosell


Wildstorm Entertainment
Voodoo Mini-Series Issue 1 Page 24
Pencils: Michael Lopez
Inks: Edwin Rosell


Wildstorm Entertainment
Voodoo Mini-Series Issue 1 Page 16
Pencils: Michael Lopez
Inks: Edwin Rosell


Wildstorm Entertainment
Wetworks Issue 21 Cover
Pencils: Jason Johnson
Inks: Edwin Rosell


Wildstorm Entertainment
Pencils: Jason Johnson
Inks: Edwin Rosell


Wildstorm Entertainment
Wetworks Issue 24 Page 11
Pencils: Jason Johnson
Inks: Edwin Rosell



Another digital lunchtime sketch.

Got a chance to do another sketch in Photoshop during lunch. Originally started out a sketch which took about an hour or so but there were things that were annoying me so I went back and noodled it a bit for another hour.

d3102fd6b287f331addce1f4e3b9a53e-d4cj6s3October 11, 2011


Messing around in Photoshop for a little bit. I had to force myself to stop after about an hour and a half so I didn’t overwork the thing since I only intended it to be a sketch. Pretty fun to do and definitely channeling a touch of Berkey in there.


Sketch Dump

Some warm-up sketches I did over the week. For the bottom one I felt compelled to do some expression sketches after seeing this site. They’re pictures taken of people walking through a haunted house. Their facial expressions are priceless! Come to think of it some of the body language is hilarious too 😀



CSI Studies

These were mood studies I did off of a CSI:Miami episode…I can’t remember which one it was. It was something I did to try and get into the mindset of the game. The game by SOE, was an object-finding game with a murder/mystery theme…besides all that, its been a while since I’ve posted anything 😉



A Hippo has got to eat.

This week’s sketch topic was Hungry Hungry Hippos. I didn’t really know what to do for this topic and I wasn’t really that into it to tell the truth. I’m glad I did it though since it forced me to do some quick studying on Hippos since I never really draw them. Who knew these animals were so crazy? According to the wikipage, hippos are responsible for more human deaths than any of the large animals in Africa! Oh and they’re related to whales.
This Hungry Hungry Hippo here took care of a safari adventurer that got a little too close.



He-Man and Cringer toying with Skeletor.

I’ve been lagging big time on our studio weekly sketch dealio and I’m having to play catch up. This is my contribution for He-Man week. I decided to do a younger version of He-Man (He-Boy?) and Cringer as a kitten being a thorn on the side of Skeletor, who was even ugly as a kid.



January sketches

I’m still trying to get used to writing out “2011”…
These sketches were done around the La Jolla area.
The top sketch was the view from La Jolla Shores while the one below that is the view from the Birch Aquarium.
Managed to get in some sketches for this month! Yes!



Col. Bluegrass

My take on Col. Bluegrass from the animated series, Silverhawks.

A group of us at work are trying to do a weekly drawing challenge. The theme is 80’s cartoon characters..its not even a challenge really but more of an excuse to draw fun sh*
The theme for this week was Silverhawks and this was my take on the character of Col. Bluegrass. He was the pilot for the team’s ship. You can just hear that killer intro now…


More Watercolors

My last post inspired me to try my hand at some more watercolor sketches. Watercolors are proving to be a tough medium to get the hang of…ah well, just have to do more I guess.
These were done over at La Jolla Shores yesterday. I got a chance to meet and chat with some really nice people there.
A plein air painter’s two best friends are sunblock and a hat with a large brim. I had neither one of those yesterday and my head is beet red today as a result :/
* some tweaks in Photoshop





Dabbling In Watercolors

Some old pieces done during a trip to the Philippines in November of 2008. I wanted to dabble with watercolors and I brought a small kit along. I can’t remember if I’ve posted these already…:D I wanted to post something new and haven’t had time to crank anything out.






No Retreat, No Surrender

A character I came up with after doing TV sketches while MMA was on.

Well, well, well…how about this, huh?! An actual update…
I’ve been in a serious creative slump lately…so in order to bust out of it, I thought I’d buy me a brand spanking new sketch book! I did a little sketching in front of the TV last night. I had it on Vs. channel and some MMA action was on. The character just came about after doing the studies you see there in the background.
Those are some tough ass dudes.



Took a crack at Blair from Soul Eater.

Woohoo! Its my first post for 2010! This was supposed to be a simple entry for a drawing jam over at the Drawingboard but I ended up taking it further than what I originally planned on doing. I couldn’t help it since I was having so much fun with it.
I referenced the pose from a photo of Jaime Koeppe and I finished it off as Blair from Soul Eater. If you dig anime or manga definitely check out Soul Eater.