zombie madness

just finished watching the Mavericks/Suns game 3. mavs won it and they’re now up 2-1 in this best of 7. Suns must not win.


this piece was done in photoshop as is most of my digital work. just a little practice sketch.
i’m supposed to be in a gallery group show in october and the theme is zombies so this was a little warm-up.
the thing that gets me nervous is that i haven’t touched actual paint in ages…unless you count white-out.


art dump

time to update!
after about two years of working for NaughtyDog, i left and got hired by Sony Online Entertainment to work for a new project they’re trying to get off the ground. they have me doing concept designs on a completely new property which is great because nothing has really been set in stone in terms of art direction, so i get to do a lot of visual development for it, which to me, is really the best part.
my experience at NaughtyDog was great overall. getting a chance to work around a bunch of really talented people was very educational especially because up until then, i had never been a part of a game studio before and so getting a chance to witness first-hand what it took to produce top-notch quality games was priceless.
it seems NaughtyDog has always had a knack of picking up the best people working in the industry, from their programmers to their artists. i’ve always been a fan of that studio ever since they churned out Crash Bandicoot and i continue to be a big fan and i look forward to their upcoming projects. and besides all that i met some good friends. go check them out: NAUGHTYDOG,Inc.

that being said, this new gig with SOE has been amazing so far. it required that my family and i relocate to San Diego.
its a huge pain in the ass but its not so bad. i mean, how bad could it be to have to move to paradise, right?
SOE is a huge studio but the team i’m with is still pretty small which is great because it has an indy feel to it. there is a good vibe to the team and the people there are very talented as well and have a good energy about them. it must be the San Diego weather…SOE

i’m feeling guilty for not updating for so long so i’m posting a huge art dump to make up for it. some of these pieces are ancient and i’m almost embarrassed to post them…..almost.
ok, enough yakkin’, here’s some art:

this was the cover to one of two sketchbooks i put out last year, i really enjoyed this style, i think i’ll try to do some more


this was the inside cover to the other one


the following were just abstract brain fart exercises, very fun to do
i used adobe illustrator, i always like how crisp everything is with that program

p33 p32   p37p34p35p36

and these were studies i did using photoshop

p26.0   p29p27.0p28

and that’s all for now, updates might be a little erratic in the next month or two but i’ll do my best to keep up
– e