The Dog’n Pony Show!

me01_400x400This site was previously deleted and some artwork was lost.

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The following posts are from Edwin Rosell.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands – I’ll prolly post the full image on my blog…was actually pretty happy with how it turned out #inktober 23 #sketch #drawing #edwardscissorhands #johnnydepp #


On second thought…I just remembered I’m lazy and I don’t like scanning so here’s what the full piece looks like #sketch #drawing #edwardscissorhands #lazymofo


IF: Talent

I haven’t participated on IF in a loooong time but I thought it was an opportunity to get the juices flowing. I’ve got a coworker who got me excited again about joining in. I’m hoping it lasts for a while, it helps that other folks immediately around you are into it as well. Its sorta late, but this week’s word topic was talent. A friend had suggested I draw an octopus so I ended up combining the two and this guy popped into my head.


Art Dump

Excuse my extended absence around here. Here are some recent sketches that I’ve done…been neglecting this poor blog so I figure I’d show it some love 😀

13 - 1

13 - 2

13 - 3

13 - 4

13 - 5

13 - 6

13 - 7

13 - 8