Blue on Criminal Minds!

A few years back I created a comic book character named Blue which was released through Image Comics. Lo and behold it showed up in last night’s episode of Criminal Minds! I didn’t get to see it but I got a text message from my brother to let me know they had caught it on TV. I’ve been trying to track down a copy of the episode but all I’ve got right now is this still shot of Frankie Muniz. The Blue logo is visible in the background and a concept drawing of Blue drawn by Jason Johnson is off to the right. I hear they even showed the four covers that the great Drew Struzan did for the mini-series.
Here is the description for the episode:
The BAU and local authorities in Los Angeles investigate gang-related serial killings that might possibly involve a famous comic book artist.

Drawings are coming. I’ve been swamped this past month and a half. Ugh.