FreeRealms is open!

The game that I have been working on for the past three years has finally opened to the public! Head on over to the FreeRealms site to check it out. Once I get approval, I’ll post the work I’ve done so far for the game on my main site…which needs an overhaul. Ugh.
Did I mention, its free to farkin’ play?!? What more can you ask for hehehe
Oh and my in-game avatar’s name is Egg Shen. Come find me and add me to your friend list 🙂


River Sunrise

Watching the Houston Rockets play against the Portland Trailblazers. I dont’t necessarily care who wins as long they beat each other up a little bit. Actually, I think the Lakers match up better with the Rockets, so okay, maybe I’ll root for the Rockets.
I did this quick sketch while watching the game. Ahhhh….can’t believe its time for the playoffs again.


IF – Talisman

Should you ever run into Alex Trebek of Jeopardy fame and he starts hasslin’ you about who is the record holder for the tallest man, you can step to him with confidence and say “That would be Robert Wadlow, Trebek.” In yo face, Alex!
This was a piece I did for Illustration Friday and the topic was “Talisman”. To me it sounded like “tallest man” so I crowbarred Sir Wadlow in there. If you’re wondering what that is around his neck well that happens to be…..tadaaa! A TALISMAN!
My brilliance rocks your socks.


Stones by the shore

This one took 15 minutes. That was a good bit of advice I got today. I’m enjoying these a lot more now that I’m not concerning myself too much with details which I have a tendency to do and I think these studies have more energy in them.


Sunset Rock

On a friend’s advice, I’m trying to get even faster with these studies. This was a 12 minute color study of an outcropping of rock facing the sunset.