Blast From The Past

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this picture. This is a group shot of most everybody at Wildstorm Studio back when I used to work there. I got a chance to meet, work with and make friends with some of the most incredible people and thankfully, I am still friends with quite a few of them. I think it was around ’94 – ’95? Yours truly is not in it…I like to think maybe I took it? If anyone knows who took it, please email me or leave a message. That time was so fun its hard to describe it to those who weren’t there.


Roach Coach

This is a memory sketch of a guy that was standing next to me yesterday while I was waiting for my food from the roach coach. I don’t know what he had but I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich.


Gesture Excercises

Managed to get a few gesture drawings in before I started work. These are really fun to do and really relaxing. After inking funny books all those years I have a tendency to get too attached to the idea of “clean lines”. I figure these gesture excercises are a good way to teach my hand muscles some new tricks. Maybe I can get some more in later tonight.


Creative Kick

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between theAnimation Archive site and John Kricfalusi’s blog today and my head is spinning!! Just chock full of good shtuff! Go check it out NOW! These days and too often it seems a lot of people get too tech-happy and forget or overlook solid foundation principles…myself included. These sites and sites like these offer a great kick in the head and if you need one I suggest heading over there.
I should have a couple of new drawings up tomorrow.

Maximus Color

I finally got a chance to go back and throw some color on the Maximus sketch I did a few days back. I meant for it to be a quick color job but one of the things the sketches for this blog affords me is the chance to experiment. So what I intended to be a quick color job turned into a more involved excercise but I had fun the whole way and learned a couple of things.

maximus01 (1)