R U Hip-Hop?

Here is a character inspired by Slick Rick’s Children’s Story. Whenever I hear that track, I always envision it in my mind as an animated film. The ultimate wish list would be to have it animated and stylized by Robert Valley! Oooooweeee!


3 thoughts on “R U Hip-Hop?”

  1. Jeff Maka Merghart said…
    Lovin the work Man!! 🙂 Hope you’re doin good! Love to the Fam 😉

    8:10 AM

  2. edwin rosell said…
    Thanks Jeff! I hope things are going great with you. Things are good on this side of things! I’ll definitely let the fam know! 🙂

    9:16 AM

  3. Mongsub Song said…
    Hi Edwin brother how are you doing?

    your drawings and characters are awesome not only the style but also they look alive ^^ beautiful

    5:49 PM

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