More Watercolors

My last post inspired me to try my hand at some more watercolor sketches. Watercolors are proving to be a tough medium to get the hang of…ah well, just have to do more I guess.
These were done over at La Jolla Shores yesterday. I got a chance to meet and chat with some really nice people there.
A plein air painter’s two best friends are sunblock and a hat with a large brim. I had neither one of those yesterday and my head is beet red today as a result :/
* some tweaks in Photoshop





9 thoughts on “More Watercolors”

  1. Jeffrey Lai said…
    hmm maybe i should try watercolours too XD
    I love that last pic, has a really nice feeling of distance/depth

    11:13 PM

  2. Gulzar said…
    I’m louuuuviiiin these mate! digged the lower ones too esp da Eye Candy one!

    warm wishes from India bro

    6:40 AM

  3. Edwin Rosell said…
    @Jeffrey: Thanks man! Yes, get in on the watercolors…that way you can give me some pointers 😀
    Thank you all for stopping by. Checked out all your works…I’m still picking up my jaw off the floor!

    8:58 PM

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