FreeRealms Eye Candy

These were some color keys I created for one of the areas in FreeRealms.

I can’t really remember exactly which area it belongs to. I was just gathering some stuff together in the hopes of maybe doing a portfolio refresh. I really dig doing these…lots of fun!


4 thoughts on “FreeRealms Eye Candy”

  1. Jez Tuya said…
    dude, these are INSANE! I admire your incredible environment work :]
    and cheers for stopping by my blog!

    1:39 AM

  2. Dam Ferreira said…
    Hey!!Very beautiful and interesting your blog!!

    Congratulations my friend

    6:38 AM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      Thanks Dam! and thanks for stopping by…I stopped by your blog and checked out your work, great stuff dude!

      8:50 AM

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