Took a crack at Blair from Soul Eater.

Woohoo! Its my first post for 2010! This was supposed to be a simple entry for a drawing jam over at the Drawingboard but I ended up taking it further than what I originally planned on doing. I couldn’t help it since I was having so much fun with it.
I referenced the pose from a photo of Jaime Koeppe and I finished it off as Blair from Soul Eater. If you dig anime or manga definitely check out Soul Eater.


13 thoughts on “Blair”

    1. erosell Apr 8, 2010 Professional Artist
      Thanks brudda!…been neglecting this thing, haven’t had too much time to draw anything aside from work stuff.

  1. jeffreylai Jan 18, 2010 Filmographer
    love the style!
    I also like the bg, gives it a sense of depth!

    1. erosell Jan 24, 2010 Professional Artist
      Thanks man! Diggin’ the new Calathea piece you put up. Sick!

  2. bluedrink Jan 15, 2010 Professional Digital Artist
    I feel the Bakshi vibe.

    I dig the the coy coquettish look. I really enjoy your style.

    1. erosell Jan 14, 2010 Professional Artist
      Hey thanks man! Glad you dug it! Hmm…I need a Ralph Bakshi fix now 🙂

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