He-Man and Cringer toying with Skeletor.

I’ve been lagging big time on our studio weekly sketch dealio and I’m having to play catch up. This is my contribution for He-Man week. I decided to do a younger version of He-Man (He-Boy?) and Cringer as a kitten being a thorn on the side of Skeletor, who was even ugly as a kid.



16 thoughts on “Grayskull”

    1. erosell Jun 8, 2012 Professional Artist
      Thanks! I’m glad you like it, I really enjoyed doing this piece. 🙂

  1. erosell Feb 9, 2011 Professional Artist
    I must say I hate that watermark but I had someone tell me that I really ought to start putting those on the art I post…rrr

    1. artsavant Feb 10, 2011 Professional General Artist
      Yeah, I started doing that, too. Love this piece, bro.

  2. GOGOPEDRO said…
    saw this over and sugar frosted goodness and loved it…wanted to pop into your blog and nose about… even drop a comment for all your awesome work…


    1:45 PM

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