Balboa Park 04.12.08

I as able to go out this past Saturday to Balboa Parkto get in some Plein Air sketching. Really cool place with tons of choice painting spots. I didn’t get in as many of these quick gouache sketches as I had hoped because I wanted to do a larger sized oil piece…which turned out disastrous by the way and no it will not get posted. heh
Next time I’ll be sure to get in some figure work since there are also tons of people lounging around that make for excellent targets for me to butcher on canvas. *cue diabolical laugh*



Charlton Heston Tribute

Charlton Heston passed away today. I did this piece to commemorate his role as Taylor in the only Planet of The Apes movie that counts. While I really dug the production design in the remake with Marky Mark, the 1968 version had a charm that got lost in the newer version of the film…besides that, the original starred Chucky Heston, c’mon.
Somewhere, anti-gun lobbyists are scrambling to grab Chucky’s gun.
Rest in peace, Mr. Heston.

charlton_heston copy

Torrey Pines State Reserve

I recently joined a plein air painting group and today was my first trip out with them. Its been quite a while since I’ve gone out to do a bit of landscape painting. It felt really good to be out again. I’m waaay rusty but who cares its all fun. The scenery was amazing. We went to a place called Torrey Pines State Reserve. If you’re in the area I recommend checking it out!
I hope everyone’s year is going well so far and updates should be a little more consistent around here.



Blue on Criminal Minds!

A few years back I created a comic book character named Blue which was released through Image Comics. Lo and behold it showed up in last night’s episode of Criminal Minds! I didn’t get to see it but I got a text message from my brother to let me know they had caught it on TV. I’ve been trying to track down a copy of the episode but all I’ve got right now is this still shot of Frankie Muniz. The Blue logo is visible in the background and a concept drawing of Blue drawn by Jason Johnson is off to the right. I hear they even showed the four covers that the great Drew Struzan did for the mini-series.
Here is the description for the episode:
The BAU and local authorities in Los Angeles investigate gang-related serial killings that might possibly involve a famous comic book artist.

Drawings are coming. I’ve been swamped this past month and a half. Ugh.


The Beast Raban!

I’ve been itching to do a follow up sketch to the Feyd drawing I had done a few days ago. I’m really happy I got this sketch in tonight although I’m so sleepy my eyes are gonna bug right out of my skull. I also did another pass on Feyd for kicks but I don’t think I can clean it up tonight. I’ll probably end up posting it tomorrow. Argh! I want to throw some color on these. I can’t wait to do the Baron.


Ok, so I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow. Here is another sketch pass of Feyd.


Brush Pen

So sleepy…:(
I wanted to clean out an old brush pen that I have. Rather than waste ink on random markings I went ahead and inked over this sketch I did earlier tonight. I kind of regret it actually, I felt the original pencil sketch looked better :/


Farm Killer

Apologies, apologies, apologies. Hoooweeee, I almost went a whole month without updating this thing.
Anyhow, I was showing my buddy Jason a couple of things in Photoshop and he convinced me to post this and it seemed like a great idea seeing as I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I know its got a bunch of problems but this was a 15 minute quick-sketch so that’s my excuse hehehehe


Thank You Mike Wieringo

I just learned a little while ago that Mike Wieringo passed away this Sunday. You can read more about it here:
I can’t even express how shocked and saddened I am by this news. When I was mostly making my living as an inker in the comics industry, I had always wanted to ink over his pencils. I was and continue to be a huge fan of his work. I always dug his style and the fact that he had his own take on things when everyone in the industry around the time I discovered his work was scrambling to put as many ticks and cross-hatching on everything they drew. His drawing approach had an ease and a subtle playfulness to it that I found well, cool as sh*t.
On top of that he had a killer signature!


God bless you Mike and thank you for inspiring me with your work. My condolences go out to his family.
Go check out his site if you’re not familiar with his


So it turns out I didn’t have enough motivation to kick out another ArtRage doodle last night…
With this piece I’m trying a different approach to coloring/painting in PS. I’m kinda fumbling around for a process that’s quick and efficient…on account of I’m lazy 😀


Art Rage Doodle

I really had nothing specific in mind when I did this. I just wanted to open up ArtRage since I haven’t in a while…might have enough motivation to do one more.


Blast From The Past

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this picture. This is a group shot of most everybody at Wildstorm Studio back when I used to work there. I got a chance to meet, work with and make friends with some of the most incredible people and thankfully, I am still friends with quite a few of them. I think it was around ’94 – ’95? Yours truly is not in it…I like to think maybe I took it? If anyone knows who took it, please email me or leave a message. That time was so fun its hard to describe it to those who weren’t there.


Roach Coach

This is a memory sketch of a guy that was standing next to me yesterday while I was waiting for my food from the roach coach. I don’t know what he had but I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich.


Gesture Excercises

Managed to get a few gesture drawings in before I started work. These are really fun to do and really relaxing. After inking funny books all those years I have a tendency to get too attached to the idea of “clean lines”. I figure these gesture excercises are a good way to teach my hand muscles some new tricks. Maybe I can get some more in later tonight.


Creative Kick

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between theAnimation Archive site and John Kricfalusi’s blog today and my head is spinning!! Just chock full of good shtuff! Go check it out NOW! These days and too often it seems a lot of people get too tech-happy and forget or overlook solid foundation principles…myself included. These sites and sites like these offer a great kick in the head and if you need one I suggest heading over there.
I should have a couple of new drawings up tomorrow.

Maximus Color

I finally got a chance to go back and throw some color on the Maximus sketch I did a few days back. I meant for it to be a quick color job but one of the things the sketches for this blog affords me is the chance to experiment. So what I intended to be a quick color job turned into a more involved excercise but I had fun the whole way and learned a couple of things.

maximus01 (1)


This was a memory sketch of a guy that walked into the sushi restaurant that we were eating at yesterday. He was such a character that it got me motivated to sketch him out once we got back to the studio. He looked just like Sonny Bono with a grown-out, flattened mullet and he had on this Captain America, soccer jersey shirt which he wore over camo cargo shorts! Just waaay too hip for the room! *sarcasm* The piez de resistance(sp?) was his bluetooth earpiece to top off the look 😀 That bit I forgot about because I was distracted by how much he resembled Sonny Bono.



The advent of blogs might have been the best thing to happen to artists…..evur, imho. I was doing a bit of blog surfing earlier and its amazing how much jaw-dropping work is being produced by artists out there today. So much inspiring work with styles of all types…..well, better get to work.
The sketch above was a creature design I did back when I worked for NDI. The design was probably inspired by how I was feeling that day….blahhhhhrggghh. I think everyone has days like that.


Maximus Sketch

Gladiator was on TV the other night and inspired me to do this sketch. I’ll try to slap some color on it later today hopefully. Here Maximus is mad for breaking his sword off of someone’s a$$.
I really enjoyed doing this sketch…inking is so much easier when you have “Ctrl-Z”! 😀


Knight Sketch

Here is a sketch of a character that I intended to be a knight. I find I have little or no patience to render a figure and so I’m trying to work on my stamina. Time or the lack of, is also a huge factor in being unable to carry some of these non-work related, “frivolous” pieces all the way through. Bah! 😛


Something old, nothing new…

Sorry for the lack of updates around here…I’ve had my hands full. Geez, I sound like a broken record (or would that be mp3?). Here are some older sketches I dug up which will be part of a bigger thing if and when I ever get to overhaul my homepage. The top sketch was a design for a futuristic city of the industrialized, grimy kind. I based the building shapes on Spanish conquistador helmets. The bottom sketch was a value study for a cityscape I’d love to try and paint.



Cold War Kids

You know, its really great to be able to download digital music and having the convenience of not having to go someplace to buy it. Of course the trade off is that the music quality is not quite what you would get with buying a cd. I’m not as much of a cd fiend as I used to be but listening to the Cold War Kids got me motivated enough to drag my butt into Best Buy to purchase their cd just so I could listen to their music at the best possible quality. I highly recommend them!
The sketch above was inspired by the band name. I’ll refer to him as a Chernobyl Cherub©. His odd look is the result of his family living too close and too long next to a nuclear test site…or something like that. Anyway, go give ’em a listen.


City Sketch

A quick sketch study done in Art Rage…nothing too specific. Been really busy but I thought I would force myself to do an update. Hopefully I can drop something else tonight…maybe tomorrow morning…can they grow more arms by stem cells? I wonder…
Timberwolves 102 – Lakers 109 *whew*


Random Sketch

Another random sketch…this one turned into a barren type of landscape. Hopefully I can have time to come back to this today. I’d really like to add something cool to the foreground and fix some stuff…that rock formation to the left looks like a stack of cow turds. Gotta hurry though before I get completely bored with it 😀


Rage against…..Photoshop?

I thought I would play around with ArtRage and whipped up a landscape sketch…looking at it, I probably should have used some kind of reference…ah well. I have the program installed on a pretty slow PC running a 500mhZ Pentium 3 and it amazes me how light this program is. A refreshing departure from PS or Painter. I can’t decide if i want a new laptop or a new monitor, I would really like to take this program outdoors. I wonder if one of these could run it…


Red Gear

A friend from work shared this with me today:Ghostbusters Game
Freeeakin’ sweeeet! Its about time! I’m seriously hoping that it turns out to be a great game. The video clips of the game looks great…well, minus that creepy looking Peter Venkman who almost looks as creepy as this CG Orville Redenbacher! I’d like to see them get into the octagon with CG Tom Hanks from Polar Express.
Making some progress on her costume…I’d like to give her a grittier look, i feel that these look a little too clean and the bottom two on the right are looking too Jon Carter of Mars 70’s style, what the?!
Quicknote: Lakers 100 – Spurs 96


more red sketches

I’m back to drawing and designing for that short story. I’m still in the middle of exploring design ideas for her costume. These rough sketches were done to serve as mannequins that i can draw over. It allows me to quickly go through different design concepts without worrying about proportions, poses, etc.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!! I can’t believe 2006 is over already! Its amazing how fast it came and went.
I’m very excited about 2007! I can’t really put my finger on it but I’ve got a good feeling.
Good health and good fortune to all! 🙂




In case anyone was wondering about the lack of updates around here you can just blame this game 😀
Do yourself a favor and play the game! Extremely fun and addicting! I was lucky enough to score the last copy for the gamecube from the EBGames down the street. Woohoo!
You get to hop on speeder bikes, pilot chicken walkers, take down AT-ATs on Hoth = SWEEEET x 1231247689273578971891!!!
Oh and for the haters out there, the ewoks are cool in the game and not so annoying like they were in the movies.
Drawings on the way…

Red Thumbs


The Lakers vs. Rockets game last night was sick! A weird game all around with the Lakers being down by as much as 21 points in the first half before they dig their way back out to win it in double-OT. Sick! I just hope they don’t fall in love with the idea of come-from-behind wins.
These are some thumbnail sketches of “Red” (guess I’m gonna call her that since I don’t have a name for her yet)
I’m just trying to work out the main shapes of the costume design