Rage against…..Photoshop?

I thought I would play around with ArtRage and whipped up a landscape sketch…looking at it, I probably should have used some kind of reference…ah well. I have the program installed on a pretty slow PC running a 500mhZ Pentium 3 and it amazes me how light this program is. A refreshing departure from PS or Painter. I can’t decide if i want a new laptop or a new monitor, I would really like to take this program outdoors. I wonder if one of these could run it…


3 thoughts on “Rage against…..Photoshop?”

  1. Jason Johnson said…
    I didnt realize ArtRage could do thick oil paint strokes, it looks like the paint is 3D.. like a real painting. Thats cool! Nice stuff too man.

    1:40 PM

  2. edwin rosell said…
    @Jason: Fun program for sure!
    @Christina: Thank you very much and thanks for stopping by! I dig your work 🙂

    8:41 AM

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