Slow and Low

I’m working on another character for another short story I have. My friend Clint from work might do a 3d model of him…I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
I was also trying out a few things in Photoshop…its painful when you can’t get it to do what you want.


4 thoughts on “Slow and Low”

  1. Michelle said…
    This guy is awsome. I love your rendering and the colors you’ve chosen. Very nice blog. Great draughtsmenship!

    4:26 AM

  2. Clint Batac said…
    hhaha…I just read your post. The character looks cool man. I’d be interested to see how the rest of the body goes. Either way it looks like a fun character to model in 3D! Awesome work manong edwin!

    12:36 AM

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