Charlton Heston Tribute

Charlton Heston passed away today. I did this piece to commemorate his role as Taylor in the only Planet of The Apes movie that counts. While I really dug the production design in the remake with Marky Mark, the 1968 version had a charm that got lost in the newer version of the film…besides that, the original starred Chucky Heston, c’mon.
Somewhere, anti-gun lobbyists are scrambling to grab Chucky’s gun.
Rest in peace, Mr. Heston.

charlton_heston copy

3 thoughts on “Charlton Heston Tribute”

  1. Jason Johnson said…
    Nice, man! I know it’s an homage to Mr. Heston, but I like what u did with the boobs! R.I.P. Moses.

    10:42 AM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this piece. Speaking of Moses, I was itching to do a Moses piece too.

      10:45 AM

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