Space Outpost

I decided to switch up the banner yet again. See above. I was rolling along pretty quickly on this piece and it should probably have taken about an hour and a half but the main freighter/station in the foreground would not cooperate. I couldn’t make up my mind on what it should look like so it ended up taking me three hours to finish this “sketch”.


10 thoughts on “Space Outpost”

  1. Junkyard Sam said…
    You managed to suggest massive amounts of detail without overrendering any single part. Very good, sir. =)

    Nice full range of value too, I imagine it would hold up even in greyscale.

    10:03 PM

  2. Jason Johnson said…
    Oh you crazy spaceship-painting mofo! Snuck up on me with this one, that’s awesome, man! 😀

    1:26 PM

  3. Vhrsti said…
    Fantastic admirable works here! Love also your sketches. Deep respect, Edwin!

    11:21 PM

  4. Mindy Lee said…
    Thanks for the support :D! It was great chatting with you too! I saw you have an indiana jones post. Check out my coworkers did some of that too on their blog.

    9:42 PM

  5. Antonio Santamaria said…
    Hello Edwin, this is Antonio Santamaria from Barcelona. Thanks for visit my blog and also for your comments. They are really nice. I’ve found your art very interesting as, for example this piece, full of depth and fine composition. Keep on touch! Saludos!

    9:07 AM

  6. Edwin Rosell said…
    Mindy: Thanks for stopping by Mindy 🙂 Cool stuff in that link you posted.

    Howard: Thanks!

    Antonio: Thanks for stopping by!

    9:28 AM

  7. Marcelo Vignali said…
    Looks like an ol’ album cover — Jefferson Starship or something like that.

    9:16 AM

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