Itchin’ and Scratchin’

I had a bout of sketchitis today. The top sketch is for this week’s Art Jumble topic which was Elephants. I really want to put color on it but I don’t have the time to spare. The bottom piece is a re-work of the Beer Maid piece I did last week. I started out just doing a sketch study to try and work out her stance from the earlier piece. As you can see I got a little carried away.


2 thoughts on “Itchin’ and Scratchin’”

  1. Junkyard Sam said…
    I liked your original beer girl but I think this update is a big improvement. It’s cool how revisions can improve things…

    It makes me think of the Art Of Star Wars books where you see previous iterations of the various classic ships… It’s like, Whoa, good thing they did more revisions.

    It sucks when schedules get so tight there’s no time for revisions.

    Anyhow, nice work.

    1:29 AM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      Thanks Matt!
      Yeah never enough time in the day to explore our own creative impulses.
      My neurotic side got the better of me and I just “had” to go back. It bugged me every time I saw the previous piece.
      Thanks for swinging by!

      6:08 PM

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