Indiana Jones Has Jumped The Shark *OFFICIALLY*

Went to go see Indiana Jones yesterday…all I can say is WHAT WAS THAT?!?! I could go on for days about how much I disliked that movie but I won’t. Yeesh! That was a bonafide steaming pile of turd. So two of some of my favorite franchises, one of which was the Transformers, have been absolutely butchered and it just so happens to involve this Shia LeDouche. Someone please stop him. One of the previews has him starring in a movie that stinks of a bad remix of the Matrix. NOOOOO!
George Lucas = FAIL
Steven Spielberg = FAIL
Harrison Ford = FAIL


4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones Has Jumped The Shark *OFFICIALLY*”

  1. Howard Shum said…
    Good drawing, Edwin!

    I didn’t hate the movie as much as you did, but I was disapointed.

    4:44 PM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      Thanks Howard! Don’t mind me, the wounds are still fresh. 😀
      Actually, there were bits I did like, its just the movie as a whole was really not an Indy film.

      8:46 AM

  2. Brad C Constantine said…
    I know what you mean! At the end when the space ship was coming up and all of that debris was spinning around…I kept waiting for a piece to hit Indy and put us all out of our misery…definitely not Spielberg’s best movie…I did just see AI and was blown away by that…see that if you haven’t yet….I like the sketch as well!! rock on!!

    2:19 PM

  3. Brad C Constantine said…
    I know what you mean..At least we didn’t have to see a geriatric love scene with Karen Allen and Ford… although it may have helped…hehe rock on, amigo!! I like the sketch…

    2:21 PM

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