Blonde on Blonde – Art Jumble

Hot blonde serving up some cold blonde…ale that is.

Another piece I did for the Art Jumble blog. The topic for this week was blondes…I couldn’t resist. I forgot to give her a bandana though, I thought it she would have looked cute with it, ah well. Just have to pay better attention next time… oh and I should have dropped her right knee lower. Grrr.


6 thoughts on “Blonde on Blonde – Art Jumble”

  1. Jason Johnson said…
    Awseome piece man, very playful. I’d drink from her tap any day. 😛
    July 14, 2008 at 3:40 PM

  2. Jason Johnson said…
    Great stuff! Squeeze ’em together! 😀 Blonde and beer, can’t go wrong.

    3:17 PM

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