to be or not to be…


so i still can’t make up my mind on whether to keep the topics that i talk about here confined to art and industry related subjects or do i just let my mind roll. that last part worries me though only because i wouldn’t want any potential employers to make up their mind about me through this blog. i’ve heard of a couple of cases where that’s happened which i thought was weird but i guess that’s where we are as a society.
the next time you fill out an application it’ll ask you your name, date of birth and all the usual pertinent info and at the very bottom it’ll ask you for your myspace profile. yeesh! the rejection letter could go something like this:
dear such-and-such,
we are sorry to inform you that we will not be bringing you on as a full-time employee. judging from your taste in music and the kind of hobbies and interests that you indulge in, we feel that it is best at this time that we not let you through our doors without heavy security. and if the saying “birds of a feather flock together” is true, then your 8923408729872957987 8912372075918273509127 “friends” says an awful lot about you and would advise you in the future to exercise a little more discretion in choosing the kind of company that you keep, half-naked cam girls notwithstanding.
the job you missed out on


the top sketch is a value study i did from a corot painting and the color piece below that is a study i did from an image of some mountains in china i believe