The Daily Grind – Art Jumble

DeviantArt: This was done for a gallery group show with a zombie theme.
I originally intended this to be part of a series which I hope to complete one of these days. – Nov 14th 2009

Art Jumble: This was a piece I did a little while back for a zombie art show. I thought it fit right in with this week’s topic. πŸ™‚
There have been amazing entries these past couple of weeks! -Oct 6th 2008

Blogspot:Β this 9×12 in. illustration was done in ink and acrylic on a wood panel
i forgot how satisfying it is to actually use “analog” tools to do paintings/illustrations
this was supposed to be part of a series, hopefully i can find the time and do the rest -Nov 2006


9 thoughts on “The Daily Grind – Art Jumble”

  1. tenqerbell Oct 16, 2009 Professional General Artist
    he used to ba a gentleman based on the suit πŸ™‚

    1. erosell Oct 21, 2009 Professional Artist
      Hehehe yes he used to be…’til the grind beat him down.

  2. Kidchuckle said…
    thats goregeous.. love the look.
    Textures really add to the piece!
    October 6, 2008 at 8:49 PM

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