The Beast Raban!

I’ve been itching to do a follow up sketch to the Feyd drawing I had done a few days ago. I’m really happy I got this sketch in tonight although I’m so sleepy my eyes are gonna bug right out of my skull. I also did another pass on Feyd for kicks but I don’t think I can clean it up tonight. I’ll probably end up posting it tomorrow. Argh! I want to throw some color on these. I can’t wait to do the Baron.


Ok, so I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow. Here is another sketch pass of Feyd.


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3 thoughts on “The Beast Raban!”

  1. Edwin Rosell said…
    Thanks Kinman! Glad you dug ’em.

    J- I plan on getting some colors on these guys eventually…along with the 53247598375 sketches I’ve been planning on hitting with some color 😀

    11:17 AM

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