Legends of Norrath

I got permission to post these now that the game is out. Woohoo! These were for the online card gameLegends of Norrath. I had a great time doing these although it was difficult getting them done, having to juggle work, personal stuff yada, yada. Wait…what’s that?…I think I just heard the world’s smallest violin playing.






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12 thoughts on “Legends of Norrath”

  1. Edwin Rosell said…
    Thanks guys! Well, it looks like I get to do some more so we’ll see how those turn out *nervous*
    What’s up Kinman! I haven’t played the game but I’ve heard from people who have and they tell me its pretty fun.

    8:55 AM

  2. Marcelo Vignali said…
    Very nice! I really enjoy your take on the illustrations.

    I know it’s tough work juggling work and freelance…along with the personal stuff, but the illustrations looked like they were lots of fun for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ll be posting my answer to the “life or memory” question in the comments section in a couple days. Thanks for stopping by.

    11:25 AM

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