Canyon Color Studies

Here are two canyon color studies I just finished. I think I’ll try some urban type stuff next…or figures….GAAAH! I wish we didn’t have to sleep if we didn’t want to. Both of these were done in Art Rage although I took the top one into Photoshop and added a bit of atmosphere using the airbrush. The free version of AR doesn’t have the airbrush tool activated. I guess I’ll have to buy the full version one of these days which I don’t really mind since it only runs twenty-five bucks



4 thoughts on “Canyon Color Studies”

  1. jimmy ly said…
    great sketches, you really captured the mood well.

    might have to give this artrage a shot :]

    9:31 PM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      Thanks for coming by Jimmy, glad you liked it! I definitely think Art Rage is worth a try. I dig it for its simplicity.

      11:23 PM

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