Mighty Panthro

Continuing my attempt to draw the Thundercats, here is my take on Panthro. I drew him with coverings on his feet but I think he’s actually barefooted…would rather see him barefooted actually.


Here is my take on Panthro, as I continue to try and draw the whole Thundercats team. In my rush to get him done I put covering on his feet but I think he’s supposed to be barefoot. Urgh, too lazy to go back and change it 😀

Update: I couldn’t take it so I added feet.


5 thoughts on “Mighty Panthro”

  1. Thundercats-Fan-Club Sep 21, 2009
    you maybe wont to join the new Thundercats club. Her is the link… [link]

    1. erosell Sep 21, 2009 Professional Artist
      I’d like to check that out…do you think you could re-post the link? Its not working for me for some reason…

  2. Jason Johnson said…
    Awesome! BTW, he had those ninja sock/boots that went up between the first two toes. 😀

    6:14 PM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      He did? Dang, I couldn’t really tell from the reference shots I found…
      I’m over it, there’s still a couple more characters to go 😀

      1:06 PM

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