Wanted to try doing an extreme angle after seeing a bit of Afro Samurai last night.

I happened to catch a little bit of Afro Samurai last night on SpikeTV and was blown away by the extreme angles they were able to pull off. This morning I thought I would try my hand at a deep foreshortening exercise. What I need to remember though is not to try at at 8 in the morning…yeesh. My brain hurt afterwards…I had a lot of fun with this one.


10 thoughts on “Eyeclops”

    1. erosell Sep 21, 2009 Professional Artist
      Samurai Champloo is visually pretty dope too but I’ve only seen a couple of episodes…gonna have to fix that.

      1. mad-fever Sep 23, 2009
        u betta watch all of it
        its sweet
        so is tengen toppa guren lagaan
        afro samurai and whole bunck of other stuff

        1. erosell Sep 25, 2009 Professional Artist
          Thanks for the scoop! I checked out the first five episodes of Guren Lagaan…awesome! I’m hooked, love the style! 😀
          Of course I’ll be going through Champloo as well. If you got any other shows I should be checking out definitely ping me 🙂

          1. mad-fever Oct 1, 2009
            sorry for the late reply
            hmmm…wat other kick ass anime is there….
            samurai 7
            birdy decode
            Soul eater
            xamdi lost memories
            eruka 7

            these are like the best from my view its either got awesome fightin scences and animation and good story as well

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