Bored or Emo?

A piece I did for a drawing jam over at the Drawing Board.

This was done for a drawing jam over at Drawing Board that I ended up repurposing to submit for this week’s art topic (Emo) over at Art Jumble. It also gave me a chance to practice some more character foreshortening.

model: Rachel Dashae


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44 thoughts on “Bored or Emo?”

  1. MechaBennett Nov 29, 2009 Professional Digital Artist
    Awesome drawing, her face is awesome. I saw the photos on Drawingboard, and really didn’t like the choice of angles they picked, but you really made this one look top notch.

  2. Erik Caines said…
    Edwin, I totally dig your work man. Caught you on Art Jumble. Nice drawing. Your paintings are great. What program do you prefer to paint in? Trying to cross that thresh hold myself.
    Again. Nice work!

    9:47 PM

    1. Edwin Rosell said…
      Thank you Erik! and thanks for stopping by 🙂
      For concept work or general work involving color I’ll use Photoshop. For the landscape studies you see on here I use Art Rage (silly name) –
      I’ve yet to try painting figure studies with it…hmm, I think you’ve given me an idea!

      12:46 PM

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