He-Man and Cringer toying with Skeletor.

I’ve been lagging big time on our studio weekly sketch dealio and I’m having to play catch up. This is my contribution for He-Man week. I decided to do a younger version of He-Man (He-Boy?) and Cringer as a kitten being a thorn on the side of Skeletor, who was even ugly as a kid.



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16 thoughts on “Grayskull”

  1. erosell Feb 9, 2011 Professional Artist
    I must say I hate that watermark but I had someone tell me that I really ought to start putting those on the art I post…rrr

  2. GOGOPEDRO said…
    saw this over and sugar frosted goodness and loved it…wanted to pop into your blog and nose about… even drop a comment for all your awesome work…


    1:45 PM

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