Canyon Color Studies

Here are two canyon color studies I just finished. I think I’ll try some urban type stuff next…or figures….GAAAH! I wish we didn’t have to sleep if we didn’t want to. Both of these were done in Art Rage although I took the top one into Photoshop and added a bit of atmosphere using the airbrush. The free version of AR doesn’t have the airbrush tool activated. I guess I’ll have to buy the full version one of these days which I don’t really mind since it only runs twenty-five bucks



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Painting Video Test

Woohoo! Finally, my first upload! I really enjoy watching other artists’ speed paintings as their work comes to life so I thought I would create some of my own to contribute to the community.
I used Art Rage for the color study and iShowU for the capture and Movie Funnel to put it all together on my Mac.
Music track is No Cars by Arcade Fire.

Sketch Test from edwin rosell on Vimeo.

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Art Rage Study

Got a chance to fire up Art Rage tonight. Here is a quick landscape study from a random photo off the intertubes during half-time of the Lakers vs Warriors game. Updates have been erratic around here, hopefully that’ll change once the game gets released next month.



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